Moving Forwards

February has been a strange month this year, It’s short but it certainly hasn’t been sweet. However, just hours after my last post we found out that we’d been given a case number by the National Visa Centre (NVC) so we start to progress once more. The NVC is the second stage on the Visa Journey really, my wife has to send them her tax documents to prove that I’m not going to claim welfare once I arrive. There are fees to pay as well (of course). Then I have to send all my documents ( a copy of my passport, birth certificate, police certificate, marriage certificate). Pretty much everything that proves that I am me, in other words if the package got lost in the post any identity thief would be creaming themselves with glee. The steps undertaken at NVC are little steps and a bit like a drip feed but they are getting us closer to our case being sent to London so we are happy to be moving again.

We’ve spent a lot of time on a website called Visa Journey recently and it’s really becoming apparent that like us, a lot of couples are struggling with the waiting and the distance at the moment. The website is set up to help people with the complicated process of getting a US Visa so there are many people in the same situation as us. Perhaps it’s not knowing how long everything is going to take coupled with the short days and miserable weather of winter but everyone seems to be having a hard time. We haven’t struggled as a couple (there have been no arguments) but the wait feels like a millstone around our necks and dominates our thoughts. Talking with couples that are going through the same thing and letting off some steam with them is really helping us because we know that we are not alone. So thanks to our VJ friends if you are reading this. Some couples have been waiting longer and have not seen each other since their process began and we know that we are lucky to not be in that position.


March is set to be a good month as I’m flying to visit my lovely wife and she’s taking me to a mystery destination for my birthday. I honestly have no idea where it is but I’m hoping Vermont or New Hampshire. I’ll be happy with anywhere though because we will be together (just if it’s Detroit please warn me darling and I’ll order a stab proof vest). Last March we were visiting castles and cathedrals together in a freezing England and this trip is set to be just as special. I anticipate my next few posts will be accompanied by rising levels of excitement as the flight gets closer! I shall leave you with a photo that I took earlier that shows some of the flooding that I was talking about in my first few blog posts. 



Flooding in Devon. The building in the background is the imposing Powderham Castle




2 thoughts on “Moving Forwards

  1. Taking the replacement bus last week on a trip to Cornwall, I saw all the flooding around the end of the M5. Not as bad as a little further up though, but some areas I knew to be fields looked like swamps and lakes.

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