Lobsters, Lighthouses and Snow

So the secret destination that my wife booked for my birthday was a B&B in Freeport, Maine! It’s beautiful up here and very cold- the temperature tonight is forecast as a skin stripping -18ºC. There’s a foot of snow on the ground and lots and lots of trees. People are friendlier here than in Boston and drivers even stop to let you cross the road. We stopped off in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on the drive up and I had my first frozen yogurt experience, she’ll make an American of me yet! We also checked out the Nubble Light, a traditional lighthouse en route.  When we got to the B&B I found my she’d arranged for balloons and a Maine gift bag and champagne on ice to be waiting. I fully realise how lucky I am to have my wife.


Today we drove to Portland which is a charming city on the Maine coast. We checked out some shops then headed to an Irish bar for a Guinness, yes it’s that time of year. The city’s St Patricks Day Parade was taking place so there was lots of green in evidence. We then headed to a 5 guys burger place for lunch. This chain is great and I definitely recommend them compared to the crappy fast food America exports to the rest of the world aka Mcdonalds and KFC et al. My first impressions of Maine are that the state is extremely proud of it’s association with lobsters, moose, maple syrup and blueberries.  It’s also a very cold place to be, even in March. As an Englishman who doesn’t see much snow I’m getting very excited running and playing in it.


Maine is definitely quieter and more chilled out than Massachusetts with a slower pace of life and a lot more trees. It’s pretty sparsely populated too compared to further down in New England.  I  love that we’ll be living pretty close to here. The rocky coastlines and coastal towns remind me a little of being back in south west England.  I can definitely see us having a lot of vacation time here. Tomorrow we are going to wrap up super warm again and check out the towns of Brunswick and Bath. I’m going to try and see if we are near anywhere where moose can be seen too because seeing them in the woods would be awesome, although I’ve read in the past that they are pretty damn elusive. We shall see!

One thought on “Lobsters, Lighthouses and Snow

  1. I saw a few moose on a greyhound trip across Canada about 12 years ago. You don’t really feel you have arrived in rural North America until you see one. Keeping my fingers crossed so you see one 🙂

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