Growing Optimism

We are back from Maine now and we both have a growing sense of optimism about our visa timeline. We have now paid the last fee and submitted the last package to the National Visa Centre, so when they have worked on that we will get a “case complete” and they will send our file to London. Then all that remains is my medical and interview, we really are getting there! The package we just submitted contained my police certificate, birth certificate,  marriage certificate and a photocopy of my passport so I guess the US government will know everything they need to know about me.

Goodbye to winter wonderland Maine!

Today we revisited the site of our wedding in Boston. The weather was over 30ºC cooler than on our wedding day and the park looked very different without leaves and flowers but it was very nostalgic to be back. It seems strange that we’ve already been married over nine months! We had our wedding reception on a boat and they’ve given us a voucher for a free meal and cruise of the harbour for our anniversary so we have yet more nostalgia to come. I really really hope that I get my visa in time for the anniversary but it’ll be very tight. It’s sad that getting a spousal visa will have taken around a year, and I really hope other families in the future will have less of a wait.

The view from the park where we married in Boston

I’m at the stage now where I’m starting to think of Boston as a new home. It is a foreign city but I’m glad that I speak English and that I should fit in just fine here. I know that I’ll have to take a driving test again and learn to drive on the wrong side of the road and I’m ready for that. I’m not ready to stop dropping the letter u from words or saying words like tomato incorrectly! I can’t believe that a place exists where a donut chain has three stores within a 5 minute walk but I’m willing to take advantage of it. I just hope that I remember to increase my exercise to compensate!

Boston... soon to be home 🙂

I have five days left in Boston which which will mainly involve catching up with my wifes family and getting as much time as possible with my wife.  More exploring of Boston to get to know the city more is also in order. I paid my first visit to Harvard today with my excellent guide. Flying back to England is going to be really painful but at least we have the knowledge that it’s the last time we have to say goodbye before we can start living together. I really can’t wait for the summer.

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