These Things Take Time

I’ve been back in rainy England for a week now and I’m starting to panic about all the things I’ll have to do before I leave for good. I know that I started this Visa process 10 months ago but I’m going to put my lack of readiness for leaving down to human nature and not to my own world class procrastination skills. I only have two steps left of the Visa process still to undertake; the medical in London and the interview itself. Once I’ve had the interview I’m free to leave once my passport and paperwork gets sent back to me from the US embassy. I really am on the final leg of this long journey now and I’m pretty excited for it to be over. My wife and I have our fingers crossed for a June interview date at the moment, but I’ll keep you posted. 


I’m actually more nervous about the medical than I am about the interview. It’s at a private hospital, costs £240 and can only be done at one place in London no matter where you live in the UK. So for me, like many others, it’s a full day out. The medical involves a blood test for syphilis (charming I know), a chest X-ray for TB and lots of questions to ensure that I won’t be a danger to myself or others when I move to the US. It also involves standing naked and having my body examined by a doctor, including an examination of my family jewels (I’ve read peoples write ups where the doctor has made eye contact at this point). I’ve read about people getting so nervous that their blood pressure is so high they need to have it taken again at a later date. I’m sure I’ll be fine though even though I hate my blood being taken. 


I also have a huge to do list from selling my car (it’s so old I’ll get double if I fill the petrol tank first) to closing my bank accounts and selling or giving away the stuff that I don’t want to take to the US. I can already see what will happen, I’ll be complacent right up to the interview date then I’ll try to get everything done in just two weeks! Hey, that strategy worked at university anyway. I’m also starting to think about all the friends and family I want to spend time with before I leave and the places that I want to see. Can I interest anyone in walking Hadrian’s Wall with me? The good news is that it’s coming up to summer, the days are getting longer and I feel pretty damn good about myself. The melancholy days of January and February seem far behind me now.

4 thoughts on “These Things Take Time

  1. Having done the reverse move (New World to Old), my one piece of advice would be to start selling / getting rid of your stuff now. I sold a few big items in the weeks before my move (sofa, TV, etc.) but left way too many things to my Everything Must Go Sale my last weekend in the US. I made $1000 in cash in six hours but still had things left over that I had to throw in the garbage because there was no more time. If I had it to do over again, I would have taken pics of everything of value and hosted a blog to show all the items. Also, I would have made lots of stuff (like all kitchen utensils, $5, etc.). Step two would be to promote the blog on all the classified / secondhand sites every couple days and set regular hours when people can come buy stuff.

    Or, you know, just have your friends over to claim whatever they want as long as they cart it away and give the rest to charity.

    Good luck making it to the finish line!

    1. Thanks for your advice, it would definitely be sad to be throwing lots of stuff away at the last minute rather than selling it or giving it to charity!

      I shall make a start on getting rid of my belongings soon 🙂

  2. It all seems to have happened so quickly, but I’d guess for you it could never have come around quick enough?

    I hope it’s all plain sailing from here 🙂

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