A Date with Destiny

When I first typed the title for this post my tablet corrected it to “A date with Dysentery” which sounds painful and messy. Anyway I digress before I even start… Last night I received an email out of the blue giving me my interview date at the US embassy in London and it was in MAY not June! I simultaneously jumped with excitement and had a mini heart attack because the interview is a month from now, leaving me with a pretty short time frame. There are currently 38 things on my to do list and many of them require research before action. This morning I phoned the surgery where they do the immigrant visa medicals and booked myself in two weeks from now. You can only do the medical at a surgery in London so that’s a full day (and £235) gone already! I’m very excited to have an interview date though and the May interview means that I’ll have the Visa in hand before our first anniversary!


Now that I have a date I can start planning with more accuracy than before to try and get everything done. If you look at the start of my blog the posts in winter were melancholic and quite painful and now they are excited and almost frantic. It’s amazing how much can change in three short months but it’s good to be busy. I’ve been going for a run at 7am every morning this week and it’s helping me relax and making me feel better. My weekends are filling up like a Japanese commuter train too as the weather gets warmer and I’m planning more social activities. I just want all of the stress out of the way so I can start my new life with my wife in America but I want to make sure I give England and my friends and family a proper goodbye first.


I would like to wish all of my readers a Happy Easter, whether you are religious or not make sure you eat a lot of chocolate!

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