The Final Countdown

It’s a beautiful sunny day today and I’m allowing myself a little time to relax in the park as I write this latest entry. Time to relax is important… It’s just two days until my interview at the US Embassy in London! It’s been a little bit stressful checking and double checking to make sure that all my preperations for the interview have been complete. I have a vast folder with half of the contents of the New Forest in it ready to take (the US Visa process isn’t tree friendly) so hopefully I have everything.I’ve been able to spare a little time for sunbathing this week so no doubt i’ll be sporting a vivid red forehead at the interview. I’m not complaining though, a nice sunny week here is rare enough that It’s worth makng the most of.

Apparently the most often forgotten document at the Embassy is the Passport, which is a little bit stupid when you consider that it’s the most important one! Still I guess in the stress of getting ready anything can be left behind. The interview consists of two parts, handing in of my documents at the beginning and then an informal interview with one of the embassy staff. I have to join a big queue and get through security just to enter the building.I’ll probably be asked questions about my wife and what I intend to do in the US. London is apparently a very easy embassy to go through, spare a thought for those people from high risk fraud countries like Nigeria as it’s a lot harder for spouses of US citizens to prove the relationship is genuine there.

At the informal interview the consular officer will tell me at the end whether I’ve been approved or not. They’ll then send my visa and passport in a secure packet by courier about a week after the interview. Once that is in my possession I’m free to go and live with my wife! My interview is at 9AM so I plan to do some sightseeing in London and get a train back to Devon at night. This is a really huge day  for my future and I am rather nervous about it so wish me luck, I’ll probably post here on the train home about how it went!

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