The Times They Are A-Changin’

Today marks just four weeks until I fly to start my new life in the USA and I’m starting to realise what a whirlpool of emotions that invokes. I’m happy, sad, excited, nervous, apprehensive and intrigued all at once. It’s going to be strange leaving the UK, if we had different levels of citizenship that ranked us on how British we were then I’d probably come out as baptised in the waters of the Thames and delivered at birth by a bulldog. I couldn’t be anything other than British so it’s strange to think of me living in a country where there isn’t an obsession with the weather, moaning about the NHS but loving it at the same time and an irrational fear of penalty shootouts. How will I fit in? I refuse to be the type of expat who moans all the time about their new country and only buys things that they would have eaten at home. I want to buy a ridiculously large hot dog at the baseball and bay for blood at the ice hockey. I refuse to buy a truck and adopt dubious political views though! That’s the stereotyping dealt with for this post I promise.

    I’m at the stage now where I’ve done the scary parts of the interview and the medical and I just have to wind down everything in the UK. I’m very excited about finally getting to live with my wife, it was sad being apart for our first anniversary this week and I hate the system that made us spend so long apart but it’s nearly over now. Plus she’s promised to have a Reese’s ice cream cake in the freezer when I arrive and what could be better than that?  It’s been a difficult time living apart and we’ve both suffered at times but now we get to reap the rewards. Starting again in another country is scary of course but I’m lucky to have a loving supportive partner who will make it as easy as she can for me and I know that with her beside me it’s going to be just fine. I really can’t wait to be there and to make a start.

    The most difficult thing at present is thinking about the goodbyes, obviously I’m going to miss my family and friends and I’m not going to see them very much after I emigrate. That’s a thought that lurks uncomfortably at the back of my mind every time I see someone, whether it’s the last time I see them before I go. It’s when you realise that you won’t see someone any more that you appreciate how much they mean to you. Now that I’m at the four week stage I will be seeing people for the last time and it’s going to be quite emotional I think. I’ve decided that I’m going to try and see as many people as I can before I go and just focus on having a good time with them so that I don’t regret it once I’m in America. I’m also thinking of all the things that I want to do before I go, things like having a BBQ at the beach (if the weather ever improves) and getting a few hikes in on Dartmoor. I’m determined not to waste any of the time that I have left.

   My preparations are coming along well so far, except that I have way too much stuff still so I need to get busy with selling, giving things away and throwing out the rest. Reducing my life into two suitcases is going to be an interesting way to find out what I view as important. Hopefully I’ll be logical or I’ll end up in the US with a suitcase full of Morrissey CD’s and books and no clothes to speak of. I’m going to scrap my car in the next few weeks, I’d sell it but it’s 14 years old and I wouldn’t wish that heap of French crap on my worst enemy! It’s so bad that I park it on a hill so I can bump start it every morning. I’m already getting fed up of having to phone companies to cancel direct debits and speaking to people who try and persuade me to stay with their company even though I’m emigrating. Hopefully by the time I next post I’ll have a lot more sorted and can post something a bit lighter 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Times They Are A-Changin’

  1. lus she’s promised to have a Reese’s ice cream cake in the freezer when I arrive and what could be better than that?

    The more I see the food goodies your wife posts to you or promises to get you, the more I am convinced that you two were made for each other 🙂

    See you at the weekend mate, looking forward to it!

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