Here Comes the Sun

Well it’s only ten days now until I leave England for America and time is moving pretty fast! I thought these last weeķs would be difficult anď emotional but they’ve actually been pretty good. The British weather has surprised me to the point that I’m sat outside in the warm sunshine writing this with a beer by my side. The last few weeks have been really warm and between working, packing and sorting things out for my move I’ve made the most of them. The only downside is that now have awful sock tan lines on my legs that make it look like I’m wearing white trainers but never mind!

Warm sunshine and Devon scenery could cheer anyone up

The other thing that has added to my good mood is how friends and family have been since my interview. It could be they are just happy to get rid of me but a lot of people have made an effort to spend time with me and I really appreciate that. I was sitting on the Cathedral Green in Exeter having an ice cream with a good friend the other day in the warm sunshine and I realised that I’m much happier than I was a few months ago when  I started this blog when I was pretty miserable and living with my wife seemed so far away. I’ll miss my friends and family a lot but I’ll stay in touch and I’m ready to embrace this new chapter in my life.

Come join me for ice cream

I now have very little time left to sort through what I’m going to take and get rid of the rest but I’m pretty well prepared. Definitely more prepared than the England team were for the World Cup but the less said about that the better! I have a tan that means I won’t be the palest person in Boston anymore and I’m feeling in good shape physically. If anyone reading this has ever uprooted to another country then I’d definitely appreciate any last minute tips and tricks. Not long to go now!

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