Packing Blankets

I’ve just informed all of my Facebook friends that it’s now less than a week until I leave England so of course it’s now official. My flight is at 8 in the morning from Bristol next Wednesday and I’m going via Dublin so I can go through US immigration there and not have to face the mess that is Boston. The only seats left when I booked were in the middle of four so I just know that I’ll be sat next to someone who craves extra territory like Russia and creeps into my personal space but the flight is only seven hours so I’ll survive. Long distance flights seem to attract those with little regard for others and a marked lack of a personal hygiene routine but next time I’ll fly I’ll have my wife beside me so it’ll be a much better experience.

    It’s rather strange to think that it’s less than a week until I’m living in the USA, I would never have imagined this happening a few years ago. A land where a tap is a faucet (why?) and where they call a sport where you carry the ball football and actual football soccer. I’m excited about it though, it’s a challenge and an opportunity and something completely different. As long as I can import British chocolate and marmite, I think I’ll cope pretty well. I’ve found this blog to be a good way to air my feelings on the Visa process and the long delays and no doubt it will help me cope with adjusting in America too. Writing is really helpful to me.

    I’m learning new things all the time at the moment. Yesterdays lesson was that sunburn on the feet is really fucking painful. Today’s lesson is that trying to cram your entire life into two suitcases is not remotely feasible, even when I’ve already got rid of half of my clothing, books and DVD’S (If you visit a charity shop in Exeter you may just find the worlds biggest collection of stripy jumpers on sale). I’ve also learnt that some people are a lot nicer when they realise they don’t have to see you any more! Such is life. Today marks three whole months until I last saw my wife so I’m more excited than ever about getting to live together and I know that it will make all of the stress and hardship of the last year completely worthwhile. 🙂



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