Leaving England

The sun is shining, there’s not a cloud in the sky and there’s football on the television and an open beer beside me. All in all the recipe for a perfect evening. It isn’t, I feel strange and the beer lies untouched. This is the last evening I’ll spend as a UK resident. I can’t decide how I feel other than it’s a kaleidoscope. I’m excited, happy, sad, exhausted, drained and intrigued by what America will offer me. This process has taken over a year and it’s taught me a lot about myself, I’ve even learnt patience. Tomorrow I get to start living with my wife, thanks USCIS for only making us wait a year for that.The next article I write will be from the other side of the Atlantic with a whole new perspective on everything no doubt.


A last walk along the beach


I should probably be running around freaking out over what I have forgotten but I feel strangely calm, perhaps dangerously calm. Like a snake shedding it’s skin, I’ve reduced my life to nothing. Two suitcases. 52KG. I probably eat more chocolate than that in a week to be honest! I’ve certainly found out how much stuff I had that I don’t need. One family member gave me a Lynx deodorant every Christmas and as I didn’t like the smell but was too polite to say I had about 16 bottles of the stuff. Maybe I just smell.  I have plenty of other stuff I didn’t need, which Englishman has not one but two fancy dress sombreros anyway. Maybe I should have supported Mexico at the World Cup. Giving stuff away to family members, charity and friends is pretty therapeutic and I’ve promised myself I will try and be light on possessions in America.

I’ve finished my packing and now all I need to do is get to the airport and board my plane. But I think it’s time for a shave and then a final check of my possessions before getting some rest. Goodbye England, it’s been good.



5 thoughts on “Leaving England

  1. All the best mate – I hope your first few days in USofA have gone well and you are marking 4th July in the only way a Devon lad can 🙂

    This is the first chance I have had to comment on your blog! Our wifi at the lodge was rubbish but we are in Seaton now with full access to civilisation. Speak soon!

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