Settling In Nicely

I’ve been in the US for nearly a week now and I’m starting to feel at home thanks in no small part to the efforts of my wife. I’m getting used to sitting on the other side of the car and looking the other way when crossing the road. Some things have not gone as planned such as transferring my money to the US (still sorting that out now thanks to a grade A cock up) and anything to do with my mobile phone but everything is starting to fall into place. Hopefully by this time next week I’ll only have job searching and passing my Massachusetts driving test on my to do list.  

This weekend I went to Plymouth MA with my wife, my sister in law and her family on a rather warm day. It was great to see them as I hadn’t seen them since March and their baby, Evan, was much larger. It was strange for me because a week before that I’d been in Plymouth, England where the Mayflower sailed from and now I found myself where the Mayflower landed. What do the two places have in common? Not much besides the name, a location on the coast and an underwhelming spot to mark the occasion. Plymouth UK, has a sad set of steps on the harbour wall and Plymouth MA has a rather small rock that you can’t even touch. It’s a nice little town though and we had a good day out, there was even a British export shop where my wife bought me a bar of British chocolate.

Yesterday my wife and I visited a beach in the town of Hull (much nicer than the British Hull) and had a swim in the sea. From my experiences so far, US beach towns are often similar to their English counterparts, with a sandy beach along the coast, competition for parking and a lot of unhealthy food on sale. Hull could easily have been Exmouth, England although the air temperature was considerably warmer and the sea temperature rather colder! I’m ashamed to admit that my wife swam before I did although very few people on the beach were actually more than waist deep, so it can’t have been just me that found the water too frigid. The post swim ice cream was delicious, needless to say.

The warm New England summers lend themselves to beach days.
The warm New England summers lend themselves to beach days.

Today my wife returned to work after taking a long weekend to be with me when I arrived here. It’s strange being here alone but I have plenty to keep me occupied, writing my first US resume, searching for jobs and writing to people back in England. I have a friendly cat called Sammy to keep me company too. I’m going to look into doing some volunteering and joining some clubs to make new friends (it’s strange being in a new country and having none). My wife has found me a really nice park by the water so I can run to keep in shape and I’m starting to think about driving over here. Everything is new and slightly different and I’m looking forward to the challenge. 

3 thoughts on “Settling In Nicely

  1. Glad to hear you are settling in. I swam in the sea at Ilfracombe last week and that was bloody cold! A big difference from my last ocean swim in Malta a couple of years ago.

      1. It was good thanks. I didn’t really know north Devon so it was good to see some of the coast and countryside of the area. It was also great to see more of the Axmouth – Seaton – Beer area too.

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