Exploring Boston

It’s a Friday, I’m sitting outside in the shade of a 19th century fort overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and it’s fair to say I’m content at the moment. Boston has some really nice parks and public spaces and It’s been good to explore them. I’m even getting used to public transit and learning my way around. The fact that the fort is only open for tours at the weekend is irrelevant. It’s sunny and I’m by the sea.

The view I have as I write

I got lost this morning, very lost. I wandered into a dodgy looking area alongside a five lane highway and my phone decided to lose its internet connection. Nobody walks on the pavement (sidewalk) outside city centres and main streets in America so there wasn’t a soul to ask for directions. Drivers looked at me like I was mad and angry dog’s barked from their gardens. 30 minutes later and having mercifully not been bitten, robbed or run over (drivers don’t like stopping in Boston) I found the station I’d been looking for. The spirit of adventure!

Although I’m enjoying this period of exploring the city and getting to know my new home, I’m hoping my social security number gets posted soon so I can start applying for jobs. I’m also discovering that problems back in England are hard to fix with a big time difference and poor customer service. Expat problems I guess! If I’ve not had any luck by Monday I’ll begin naming and shaming…

The boat my wife and I had our wedding reception on just sailed past!

It’s so nice to be finally living with my wife after over a year of waiting but I haven’t forgotten how painful it was for both of us. I see other couples we’ve met along the way still waiting and my frustration at the system resurfaces. Did you know that if a US citizen marries a foreign spouse and decides to follow the process legally they still get fucked over by the system? Plus political representatives don’t care. I won’t forget Obama!

Ranting over for now, have a good weekend everyone.

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