Fuming on Friday

So this morning my wife and I made our way to the local Social Security Office because I never received my Social Security Number by post, despite electing to do so. After some typing from a somewhat confused looking member of staff, a conversation with her superior reveals that somewhere along the line someone fucked up. Whoever it was entered my first and two middle names as a single first name in the system. Who has three first names, really? The clue is in the “first”, there’s one! Because of this persons fuckup we now have to get this rectified (naturally it’s us who has to fix this not the person who didn’t engage their brain at work) as my name in the system doesn’t match my actual name. Until this is fixed I can’t get a SSN and can’t work. Welcome to America!

What makes me extra pissed off is that the Visa process took a year for me (and longer for many others) and yet after all that wait your life can be put on hold again because of another cock up. There’s no accountability and there will be no apology- there never is with any part of the US immigration system. My wife has called USCIS and there is apparently a way to get this fixed because similar things have happened to other people (why screw up one persons case when you can screw up loads right?). So we’ll have to try on Monday. But by this point I’m extremely fed up because we spent enough time pissing around with the immigration process and we thought all of this was in the past.

In other immigration related news the Department of State had a computer crash that affected the issuing of Visas to new immigrants from some countries. People who had of course waited ages already to be with their spouses. Where did they announce this bad news, naturally by apologising on their website for this inconvenience right? Nope, they announced it to the world via their Facebook page. In addition to this, another US/UK husband and wife I met during the Visa process were given a really shitty interview date and finally got it moved forward not through the intervention of her elected US officials but through his UK MP. Yes, one phone call on behalf of a constituent who was leaving the country elicited more of a fruitful effort than months of trying with her elected officials in the US. Something is rotten…

Rant over!



3 thoughts on “Fuming on Friday

  1. And still, legal immigration reform gets no love. I’m mad for both you and your wife, this is total nonsense and there’s no reason for this to have happened. Except we’re working with the most incompetent nobs in the world.

  2. That’s really, really crap. I hope you get this sorted soon and the numpty who didn’t realise that two names are in fact two names… Muppet.

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