To Autumn

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons; apple trees groan under the weight of potential cider, trees turn red, gold and yellow and soups, stews and pies come back into favour. This is my first autumn in the US and I’m looking forward to seeing the famous tree colours of New England for the first time. Note that I’m still referring to autumn and not fall, I will always prefer the British name for the season as it sounds so much better. Keats’ masterpiece about the season would have seemed so much worse if it had been titled “To Fall”. One of my friends has written about the fall versus autumn issue and it’s worth checking out

Apple picking
                                  Apple picking

Last weekend Kat and I went to a pick your own apple orchard in Massachusetts. It was huge, the only problem was that the rest of the state had decided to go apple picking too so it was pretty busy. The farm had tractors pulling trailers which were covered in hay bales for passengers to sit on which I hadn’t seen before but I don’t think they’ll catch on outside of the US. Eating apples you have just picked while filling up a bag with apples to bring home is great. The farm also served freshly made cider apple donuts; they were amazing but the lines were so long it took over an hour to get served! When we got home Kat made an apple pie pretty much straight away and we ate hot apple pie topped with ice cream. I was going to type warm apple pie and then I remembered how the movie American Pie has corrupted the words “warm apple pie” forever!

The result of our apple picking
The result of our apple picking

My aim over the next few weekends is to try and get out of Boston and see as much autumn foliage as I can. Or “leaf peeping” as the locals apparently call it. I’ll be posting some of the best images here; if you can recommend any places to go in Massachusetts or the rest of New England then please do.

5 thoughts on “To Autumn

  1. I miss the change in seasons that you describe so well. Used to live in rural Hampshire which was beautiful in autumn (beautiful pretty much every season) I think it’s the combination of cool air, darkening nights and the changing colours of things.

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