Flying Home For Christmas (Nearly)

I’m going to start today’s post with a bit of news; my first trip back to the UK since I moved to America has been booked. We are pretty happy as the flights were very reasonable and quite close to Christmas. We will be arriving at Heathrow on the 13th and flying back on the 21st. We decided to do that week instead of Christmas week because the flights were a lot cheaper (we save $750 flying when we do) and also so that I can meet Kat’s extended family at Christmas as that is the one time every year they all get together. I’m really looking forward to being back in England to see friends and family and I’m also really keen for Kat to experience new things like Christmas Markets and British seasonal food which is quite different to what you find in the US.

What makes Christmas different in the UK to the US? A lot of things are the same; you put up a Christmas tree, write lots of cards and argue with your family. You buy people presents they don’t want and they are too polite to tell you so they pass them on to someone else. In the UK Christmas Day is followed by Boxing Day when you can relax after all the excesses of Christmas Day or spend more money on shit you don’t need because it’s on “sale”. I like Boxing Day because it’s usually a good family day where you can wake up really late, watch the football then come home and finish off all the food you didn’t eat at Christmas. It’s also a bank holiday, the UK equivalent of a federal holiday. The main thing I’m looking forward to about Christmas this year is to spend my first ever Christmas Day with Kat and the fact that Massachusetts is about 20 times more likely to have a white Christmas compared to Devon, my former home in England. As I have yet to spend a winter in the US snow still really excites me, something that my first big snow storm will probably cure me of!

Things that I want to do in the UK include visiting the excellent Bath Christmas Market, have a couple of days in London and have a cream tea. Much as I love a lot of American food (with the exception of bread, cheese and chocolate) I have really missed clotted cream and you don’t seem to be able to find it anywhere here. not even in import stores. I’m also looking forward to doing some walking (it will probably be a lot wetter but a lot warmer than Massachusetts) and visiting proper country pubs with roaring log fires. I’m aiming for Kat and I to pack our suitcases half full so we can fill them with things like tea, chocolate biscuits and Roses on our return. I saw a tin of Roses in an import store in the US once and they were about 10 times the price you pay in the UK and even though I love chocolate I can’t justify paying that much. I promise I won’t post about Christmas again for at least another 6 weeks!

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