On Falling in Love With Blogging

Last Tuesday I posted my latest entry to my blog and I was a little stunned; I received a notification that I’d posted 50 times. 50 times I’d hit the publish button and hoped that someone would find what I was writing interesting enough to read past the headline. The fact that I’d managed to rack up half a century of posts and sustain my interest in blogging for over 8 months was a big surprise to me. This is the second blog I’ve attempted; the first one was a walking blog I created in August 2013 that lasted just six weeks and was probably about as interesting as a magazine for toilet brush collectors. This time it has been different, I have received positive feedback from friends and strangers and even people who were friends on Facebook but never interacted with me online remarked that they’d been reading it avidly when I bumped into them.

One day I was sitting outside in the sun using the WordPress app to draft a new post and it occurred to me that I love blogging. I love the satisfaction of hitting publish when I’ve finished a particularly hard to write post, I love that people enjoy reading my posts enough to follow me and I love reading other peoples blogs. I’ve learnt so much from reading the blogs of the people who have interacted with me on WordPress and reading the blogs featured in Freshly Pressed. Most surprisingly of all, by blogging I’ve learnt a lot about myself. I was undoubtedly miserable and depressed when I started this blog, living alone in England waiting for my US Visa to be granted so I could live with my wife. So much has changed for me since then and reading back through my previous posts is almost like reading the journal that I have never bothered to keep.

There are downsides to blogging of course; those days when I write a post and share it on Facebook and only three people have read it by the end of the week. Either the title was too boring or people have had too much of me! In my first month of blogging, I received just 80 views and probably most of them were me hitting the refresh button! There are also those days when I haven’t posted for a week and suffer from a massive case of writer’s block; inevitably when I do get an idea for a great post three great ideas come along at once. These frustrations are minimal, however, compared to the joy that I get from writing how and cathartic writing can be. I would like to say thank you to everyone who reads and follows my blog and has encouraged me with great feedback; here’s to the next 50 posts!

What inspires you to blog and what makes you love blogging?

7 thoughts on “On Falling in Love With Blogging

  1. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] It is nice to know that you are in love with blogging; this means that you have a greater chance of sticking with your blog.

    Also, I hereby wish you a positive blogging experience on WordPress.

  2. I just like the process of writing. Sometimes it’s funny stuff that makes other people laugh, sometimes it’s more serious bits that are important to me (that no one reads :)). I’m in a similar position to you in that I have started and really enjoyed creating and building a blog. It’s a hobby which is fast becoming an obsession.

    1. Sometimes I worry it’s an obsession too; I get to the end of one post and I’m already thinking of the next! It’s great that there’s other people out there who enjoy blogging too 🙂

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