Enjoying England

We’ve been back in the UK for four days now and it already feels like home again. The flight went pretty well on a brand new Dreamliner although we had some noisy idiots in front of us on the flight. The high point was this guy telling the flight attendant he only drank champagne, and she amusingly pointed out that he was flying economy. Getting back into the UK was a new experience as i went through UK immigration with Kat and we had to answer questions on when she was returning to the US. For a border guard the lady seemed almost friendly which was a nice surprise.

We’ve been so busy that it doesn’t seem at all like a vacation but I’ve been finding time to eat and drink all of the things I’ve missed while in the US. Cider, fudge, clotted cream and pasties; in case you didn’t guess I’m from the west country! On Sunday we attended the Christmas Market in Bath and on Monday the one in my home town of Exeter. It was strange to walk the streets I know so well as a visitor and knowing that now I’m basically a tourist every time I return. The best thing about Christmas markets is the sampling; chocolate wine and elderflower cider were the most memorable things we tasted and we returned home laden with goods.

Walking the ancient streets of Exeter again was a strange experience!
The Christmas market in Exeter

Today we headed up to Dartmoor National Park; a large rather treeless upland area with my family. There were wild ponies that seemed as interested in us as we were in them and they came over for some attention. A young foal let us pet it while its mother watched which was awesome although another pony we tried to stroke bared his teeth; we christened him Bitey! Dartmoor is beautiful and I wish we had more time to spend there but it was great to visit and show Kat one of my favourite places.

We made friends with some ponies!
Dartmoor is beautiful

Tomorrow we head up to London to meet some more of my family and maybe do some cheeky shopping. It must be pretty scary for Kat to meet so many new people this week but its my turn next week when we are back in Boston!

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