Snowed Under

Last Monday I had my first day in my new job and we had a foot of snow overnight. This was a marked improvement on the week before when we’d had two feet of snow overnight but it was still too much. As it was my first day I had no choice but to appear at work unless I wanted to look like the worst employee
since Homer Simpson. I left home early and immediately fell up to my knees in snow before I’d even got past the end of our house. My bus was late and the bus stop was buried under three feet of plowed snow so I had to stand in the road meaning that every car and truck that went past showered my freshly laundered chinos with a lovely mix of dirty brown snow and road salt making them look like a pair of camouflage trousers. I’d already (sensibly) sacrificed my smart shoes for a pair of boots and I noticed that I’d missed a label when removing the tags from the coat I’d purchased the day before. I love Mondays.

Boston is covered with a thick blanket of snow
Boston is covered in a thick blanket of snow

Just to make sure that the bus wasn’t alone in disappointing me the train was also late and the fast falling snow was sticking to my coat so with my stained trousers I now looked like a snowman wearing army fatigues. I finally arrived at my destination to find that the steps up to street level were coated with snow that the previous passengers had pounded into ice with their shoes meaning that I had to haul myself up the steps of doom using the railings like an 80 year old. I then had to walk through snow for 500 metres to get to my workplace. The plows had been out in force clearing the roads impressively but they’d left huge banks of plowed snow by the roadside that us pedestrians had to clamber over in precarious fashion so that we could cross the road. The gap in the snow made by my fellow passengers was only wide enough for one person and the first guy who tried to climb over the snow bank to avoid the queue faceplanted in spectacular fashion so the rest of us wisely decided to wait to go through the gap.

This squirrel was probably mocking me as I blundered through the snow
This squirrel was probably mocking me as I blundered through the snow
I thought my day was bad but the owner of this vehicle has probably just given up!
I thought my day was bad but the owner of this vehicle has probably just given up!

Arriving at work I was told that today would be the day our photos would be taken that would go on our security badges and in our contact lists. So every time one of my colleagues gets an email from me they will see my disheveled hat hair in all its glory. For the rest of time. My first day was really rather good and I was glad that I’d actually made it in until it came to the commute home. The MBTA trains had decided to all break down and they were advising passengers to “take alternate transportation” which was nice because there wasn’t an alternative. I asked the guy standing next to me if he had a team of huskies and a sled that I could borrow. Eventually after 45 minutes waiting in the freezing cold a sad looking train limped into the station and took me and the other 5000 people on the platform home. Of course there wasn’t a bus in sight so I had to walk home in the street as the sidewalks hadn’t been cleared, trying to look out for ice and Boston drivers simultaneously. The day after was an almost carbon copy, except with slightly less snow. I worked from home on Wednesday!

Boston Common is a beautiful winter wonderland at the moment
Boston Common is a beautiful winter wonderland at the moment

I used to love snow, every winter I would check the weather forecast hoping for some wintry weather and it rarely came. As you can tell from this post, now that I actually live in a place where snow happens on a regular basis, however, it is rapidly transitioning into a love/hate relationship. It brings out the best and the worst in people. People aggressively reserve the spaces they shovel out for their cars and a friend of ours had two tyres slashed after he moved their space saver, 5 days after the snowfall. Kind of a dumb idea because they are not getting their space back now that they have incapacitated his car but Boston drivers are not known for thinking before they act. We have had a ridiculous amount of snow in the past three weeks (including a record 40 inches in 7 days) and there is nowhere for the latest snow to go so Boston is now a city of snow drifts. On the plus side I went snow tubing for the first time yesterday which was awesome and the snow on the ground makes the city parks and surrounding countryside look incredibly beautiful. Every snow filled cloud has a silver lining it seems.

People are sledding and even skiing in Boston at the moment.
People are sledding and even skiing in Boston at the moment.

12 thoughts on “Snowed Under

    1. Bea

      Snow tubing is the most fun of the winter sledding activities! Picture an inner-tube from a truck tire (like, an 18 wheeler). Now add a canvas cover with handles. That is your sled. Hop on and fly down a hill at high speeds with 0 control over where you’re going! For moderate control and faster speed, bellyflop onto it and drag your toes to keep yourself straight!

  1. First days rarely go as we plan them, do they? While I’m sure if I was there it would become a hassle quickly, I must say I am hugely envious of that snow! It does look gorgeous, even as it wreaks havoc.

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