The International Chocolate Smuggler

So I find myself at Heathrow, Terminal 3 waiting to board my next flight. My suitcase is 20kg; about 5kg of that is chocolate and I also have 400 tea bags! If you remember my post about Hershey’s back in January you will know why! It was good to be back and see friends and family but now I can look forward to a warm Boston summer. Goodbye England 🙂

I may have a Iot of British chocolate to bring home!

25 thoughts on “The International Chocolate Smuggler

  1. Hahaha- I can relate so strongly to this! Every time I go home for the holidays (within the EU) I have to bring Cereal and Cheddar for my parents- the raisins apparently taste differently on the mainland, and Cheddar is just ridiculously overpriced!

  2. I recently took a trip to England and brought back about 800 teabags as my friends wanted to profit from my trip as well 🙂 The stuff you get here in Germany that calls itself Earl Grey is pitiful, and if you buy the English brands here you pay at least twice as much. I also brought back Cadbury Fruit & Nut chocolate, and as I had British pounds left when I got home, I already handed those over to my English colleagues to get me more of the stuff when they go on home visits…

    1. Haha I had 480 teabags in my suitcase! The Earl Grey in the US is awful too, they have one at work I can’t even drink. Keeping cash to give your colleagues to bring you back stuff is a great idea, think I’m going to use that too!

  3. blondieaka

    You are so mean, torrmenting us Cadburys chocolate lovers and Banana Caramel that must be a new one..sounds to die for…I’ll have to wait until September now and will do the same to you cos you will have eaten yours by then…ha ha 🙂

  4. If you’re a Costco member in the States you can use your card in the UK to buy bulk bags of PG Tips and Cadburys. That’ll REALLY make that guard at customs give you some serious side-eye. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything…

  5. Aakansha

    I had such a bad midnight craving after seeing those! I do remember the post about Hersheys. Haha!

    I’m glad you had a good break.

  6. Hah. Call that a haul? You’re just a newbie at the chocolate smuggling!!! I have brought back from the UK before a whole suitcase of chocolate/biscuits/crisps/cheese/tea-bags (although I can buy Tetley British teabags here now) and one time I even smuggled in a chicken curry from my local Chinese restaurant.
    To any customs officers reading this…. of course I didn’t smuggle in chicken curry. I’m just making that part up.

  7. Urska

    Oh, that’s so familiar! When I used to live in the UK, I always had at least 1kg of my luggage reserved for Swiss chocolate. 🙂

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