On A Hillside Desolate

Yesterday my wife and I were feeling a little bored so we decided to head up to the White Mountains in New Hampshire for a bit of sightseeing. New Hampshire is my favourite state in the US; although I have yet to visit all 50 states the ones I haven’t visited are mostly the ones nobody sane visits except for politicians trying to win primaries like Iowa and North Dakota. So I think New Hampshire is likely to stay at the top unless it bans me or we get an unfair parking ticket or something.

The gondola at Loon Mountain.
The gondola at Loon Mountain.

We hadn’t really planned this trip in advance (in fact we only decided to go that morning) so we drove north on I93 until the scenery got interesting and we arrived in the mountains. We ended up at Loon Mountain, mainly because it had a cable car and we knew that there would be a pretty good view from the top. It was a mountain after all. There were allegedly bears, moose and dozens of other species of mammals to be found on the mountain but they clearly weren’t there because the 6 million biting flies and mosquitos at the summit chose to dine on us instead.

I think the name 'Green Mountains' would have been more appropriate!
I think the name ‘Green Mountains’ would have been more appropriate!

The cable car ride was fun (they always are) although the photos were ruined somewhat by the phallus that someone had scratched into the plastic window of our cable car. Not something that you can really show your grandparents is it; “Here’s Mount Washington with an ejaculating penis in the foreground”. The view from the top really made up for this though, a fantastic vista across the White Mountains and more trees than I had ever seen in my life before. In fact whoever decided to call the range the White Mountains and not the Green Mountains must have been even more colour blind than I am!

Small lake near the summit of Loon Mountain.
Small lake near the summit of Loon Mountain.

Interesting fact of the day; New Hampshire is 89% forested, with the most tree cover of any state in the US so if you like the smell of pine needle air fresheners then this is the state for you. I hope you like the photos, next time I go I will remember my camera and not just my phone!

8 thoughts on “On A Hillside Desolate

  1. Jealous of everything about your trip today except the flies. (And possibly the genitalia graffiti.) The deer flies — they look like regular flies except they are clearly branded as Satan’s special minions with orange/red wings — are miserable in June in NH. Deer flies laugh at bug repellant.

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