Mount Doom

This weekend I’m on vacation in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with my wife’s family. The weather is scorchingly hot at over 30C (90F) so today my wife and I decided to do what every normal person does in such hot weather: climb a mountain.

The mountain was called Mount Potash but I’ve renamed it Mount Doom as that is what it felt like climbing it. I kept a keen eye out for bears and moose but all I saw were chipmunks and a toad. I was stupid for climbing a mountain in that weather but I wanted good photos, what was the toads excuse?

The path to success is sometimes steep.
He was sitting on the path so I warned him he might get toad...

I removed my shirt as I was sweating liberally and the unwelcome side effect of this was that pine needles falling from the trees stuck to my body so that I resembled a Christmas tree monster. Luckily nobody else was foolish enough to climb a mountain in that heat so there were no witnesses.

On a hillside desolate.

When we had just about given up on life we reached a lookout point over 2500 feet above sea level and all our exhaustion fell away. The view was breathtaking and the best part was that we didn’t have to share it with anyone. The view, the smell of pine needles and the absence of any sign of humanity was amazing and it was all ours.

Sometimes the view is worth the hike.

The moral of the story is climb the mountain and you will be rewarded. Unless you get eaten by a bear in which case you will be dead. What did you do with your Labor Day weekend?

13 thoughts on “Mount Doom

    1. The toad was a nice discovery, I was holding out for something big like a moose or a bear though. A non bitey bear! Relaxing is good, hope you had a nice time in the mountains. 🙂

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