Season of Mists and Pumpkin Flavoured Everything

Happy autumn dear readers! With my experience of living in New England for a whole year I am able to tell you with some confidence that autumn is the best season here. Summer is too hot, winter is too cold and spring appears to last all of two weeks. Autumn on the other hand is temperate and beautiful. I hope you like tree porn because over the next few months I’ll be posting pictures of as many multicoloured leaves as I can.

There aren't many things better than eating fresh cider donuts smothered in caramel in an orchard.
There aren’t many things better than eating fresh cider donuts smothered in caramel in an orchard.

I like autumn although I’m dubious of the whole pumpkin obsession that New England seems to have. Pumpkin pie is nice, pumpkin beer is good (although buying it makes me feel like a huge hipster) and pumpkin spice flavoured Oreos are tolerable. I’m not sure that the world is better off with pumpkin lattes and I’m just waiting for the moment when some enterprising business introduces pumpkin flavoured pet food so pets can join in too. That will be my cue to go back to England I fear.

This week we received our first Halloween card. Now call me weird but isn’t the purpose of Halloween to be scary and doesn’t sending someone a greetings card wishing them a “Happy Halloween” kind of defeat the purpose? The last time we popped into the local Target there was a whole aisle of Halloween greetings cards and I was dumbstruck. I guess I’m still not used to the whole Halloween obsession yet, I may dress up for it at work this year though.

The season for pie is upon us.
The season for pie is upon us.

We went apple picking at the weekend meaning that we now have a lot of apples and a lot of apple pies in our future. The best part was that we didn’t see any spiders as we picked them (unless of course they are inside the apples waiting to strike.) My wife made a delicious apple crumble and I have been ย enjoying it in the evenings with ice cream and a serious lack of concern for my waistline. Cider and baked apple goods are definitely my favourite thing about autumn after the beautiful trees.

What’s your favouriteย thing about autumn?

21 thoughts on “Season of Mists and Pumpkin Flavoured Everything

  1. Oh how I miss fall mania in canada! All the christmas stuff is out here with no regard for halloween! I saw two christmas movies on tv last week! Wrong wrong wrong!!!

    I’d love to have some apple cider and a pumpkin pie about now.

    At least there is still pumpkin picking and I think I may do a little thanksgiving dinner ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. The smells, the flavours, the scents. Toffee apples and candy floss, gunpowder and fireworks, autumn chill, mist and fog. The more I hear about how New England looks and feels in the autumn, the more I understand why they call it New England.

    I’ve never really “got” Halloween and I hate now how it seems to have overtaken Bonfire Night purely for commercial reasons and as a chance for the local chavs to bang on your door and demand sweets or money or pelt you with eggs.

    It’s a lovely season, but I think spring is still my favourite.

    You’ve probably read this before, so I hope you don’t mind me posting:

    1. Autumn is such a good season and you describe it far more evocatively than I did in your post.

      I don’t like that Halloween has overtaken Bonfire Night either, Bonfire Night is special!

    1. I forgot about the sight and smell of fireworks on a cold autumn evening, it’s the best. I watched Sleepy Hollow last night to get myself in the mood for Halloween ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Haven’t seen that in ages, although I quite like TV show. We always make sure there’s one ‘decent’ horror film on the list, but we do tend to go for cheesy B-movie titles, such as Sharknado and Birdemic!

  3. Your seasons in New England sound a lot like our seasons in Ohio – except we get three weeks of spring – so autumn is my favorite, too (warm, homemade applesauce!) For a truly inventive pumpkin-flavored item: pumpkin burgers. A nearby town has an annual pumpkin festival where I first tried them. They’re a lot like a sloppy joe and, surprisingly, quite good. Looking forward to your upcoming posts as I always enjoy good tree porn. ๐Ÿ™‚

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