The World’s Smallest Pumpkin and Other Stories

This week I was trying to make my way through the barriers at the train station and my commuter pass stopped working: none of the machines would read it. Given my natural shyness I theatrically tried a further 50 times in an attempt to make a station employee notice me and help but it didn’t work and I had to go and start a conversation myself. If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I am rather shy and starting a conversation is not one of my strengths.

Instead of informing the staff that my card had died and asking them kindly to let me through the barrier I managed a pathetic “my thing is broken” which resulted in a look that left me in no doubt that I was a useless human being. I can deal with this because she took pity on me and let me through the barrier. I was more eloquent the second time when I changed trains and the lady even apologised to me for the fact that my card wasn’t working. Wonders never cease!

The week thus started on a bad note because I had to make a phone call to arrange for a replacement card and while I was on hold the cat started meaowing loudly right in my face. Naturally the second I started talking to the cat the woman came back on the phone and I had to explain to her that I was asking the cat what his problem was and not her. I will probably never receive a replacement card but at least she will be able to tell her coworkers about the crazy British guy who talks to cats. I fear I will always be awkward.

Tiny pumpkin with my hamster for scale.
Tiny pumpkin with my hamster for scale.

I am pleased to say that my week has improved considerably since then. Yesterday I spent a very nice evening at a friend’s house and on the way my wife and I stopped off at a farm and I bought the world’s smallest pumpkin. It may not actually be the world’s smallest pumpkin but is pretty tiny compared to most and it will be decorating my desk at work for the next few weeks. My desk currently looks like a mini British Embassy because is covered in tea and postcards from England and a British flag that a coworker drew while I was on vacation so this is my small attempt to Americanise my work space.

Autumnal beauty in New England.
Autumnal beauty in New England.

The week ended in fine fashion with a six mile hike around the Blue Hills just south of Boston. The trees are starting to change and it was beautiful so I have included a photo to share the autumnal beauty. I hope you have all had a good weekend too!

16 thoughts on “The World’s Smallest Pumpkin and Other Stories

  1. I bought a teeny pumpkin last week – I’m hoping to fashion some kind of carving so it gets ‘eaten’ by the bigger one. It’s very cute though, so I may let it live!

  2. amanpan

    What a great story. I love pumpkins, big and small. The little pumpkins are so cute. Carving one would be a treat, I have used them, not carved, to decorate and they lasted quite some time.

  3. I love munchkin pumpkins! I saw them at a large sainsburys a couple weeks ago and should have bought a couple as I haven’t seen them anywhere since.

    Don’t feel too bad about being awkward. I nearly dropped a pound into a man’s coffee at the train station the other day. I thought he was homeless but he was just a guy sitting on the ground drinking a coffee. Cannot imagine trying to explain that one!

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