A Postcard from Autumn Part 4

I promised you all some more autumn photos so here you are! Today we went to Concord, Massachusetts which was apparently important in some small war years ago that because I am British I will not talk about. But the good news is that it was a beautiful town and the autumn colours were fantastic. We also went for a walk around Walden Pond where much to my wife’s amusement I spent 30 minutes trying to capture a photo of a chipmunk as we walked (we don’t have chipmunks in England).

Apparently either chipmunks are very shy or I was too impatient to stand still and wait for one to come and be photographed but we had a lovely walk around the pond. Walden Pond is famous because the writer Henry David Thoreau lived by the pond for two years and wrote about his time there. You can visit his cabin and the location where the cabin originally stood. Or you can look like an idiot trying to photograph vanishing chipmunks, I recommend both activities.


IMG_20151024_124346 (1)





29 thoughts on “A Postcard from Autumn Part 4

  1. Love to read about places I’ve just been to myself! A friend took me to see Concord last month in the hope of getting here started telling us about the history, which was quite interesting.
    We also stopped by Walden Pond but didn’t take the walk in the end.

      1. I did like it, I thought it was really cute. And you’re right about no chain stores, that is a plus in my eyes as well; also was surprised to find a lovely store with kitchen gadgets, I can never resist those 🙂

  2. Deborah

    Learned something I didnt know, though Ive lived here most of my life… There’s a Concord, Mass lol. I only knew Concord NH.

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