I’ve been home for three days now and it has been fantastic to see my family.
There has been a lot of rain but today we were lucky enough to get a whole morning of sunshine. I’ve already eaten my body weight in biscuits and chocolate. I’ve been to a Christmas market, several beaches, a medieval cathedral and even a donkey sanctuary. As you do!

I thought you might like to see some of my favourite photos so far. Happy holidays everyone!

Me on the beach in Beer, Devon. Note that I'm only wearing a T-shirt despite the fact that it is December!
Detail from a stained glass window in Bristol Cathedral. Do you think the designer had ever seen a lion?!
Interior of Bristol Cathedral.
Coastal view in Branscombe, Devon.
Boats on the beach in Beer, Devon.
Donkeys messing around at the Donkey Sanctuary, Devon.
World War 2 pillbox defending the coast in Branscombe, Devon.

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