Learning How To Winter

This week we had the first real snowfall of the year and the temperatures have dropped too. Walking to the train station in my inappropriate attire I realised a terrible truth

; I still haven’t learned how to winter yet. By inappropriate attire I don’t mean underwear or pyjamas by the way, I was wearing a wool coat, woolly hat and jeans. Everyone else I encountered was wearing waterproof jackets because as anyone with half a brain knows snow will stick to a wool coat so that you end up looking like the abominable snowman. Needless to say by the time I reached the station there was more snow on me than there was on the street!

My grumpy “why is all the snow bloody sticking to me?” commuting face.

Sadly my coat was not my biggest mistake; I have just stupidly shaved my beard off and this morning it was -9C (which in Fahrenheit is bloody cold in case you were wondering). The arctic blast whipping at my freshly shaved face and the fact that I forgot my scarf meant that I hated life about ten seconds after walking out the front door. In addition to this I wore my smart shoes and not my boots so I slid more than walked to the station. It’s not a good start to the week and  with a potential snow storm at the weekend I had better improve my winter clothing soon!

A light snowfall at dawn is always pretty though.
Snow clouds over Boston.

There is one piece of good news though; I finally invested in a proper hat! When I say proper hat I mean a silly hat but it has flaps that cover my ears because I learned last winter that the imminent ear frostbite feeling is not one of my favourite bodily sensations. The hat is distinctive enough that a number of people have said nice hat and maybe as many as one of them wasn’t being sarcastic? Perhaps my Britishness is just convincing me that everything is sarcastic but who knows. One thing I do know is that I need to be less awkward when people say nice hat; when one girl said it to me my reply was “you too”. You have probably guessed by now that she wasn’t wearing a hat.

Only another 2-3 months of cold weather to go, wish me luck!  Why not disturb some tumbleweeds and follow my Facebook page here.

11 thoughts on “Learning How To Winter

  1. It’s cold here too. We had about 0.25″ of frost and it didn’t disappear until about lunch time.

    Enjoy it mate, I hope you don’t get snowed in at the weekend!

  2. Aww, it’s not your fault you were born in a country that makes a habit of discussing the weather yet has no plan of action when it comes to anything more than ‘that rain that soaks you through’! I’m admiring the roads though, can you imagine if that much snow fell back here in Britain? It would be national news, trains would stop running and all the school boilers would be breaking down! It is a good (and practical) hat – it’s a bit of a furry Sherlock, of course people will love that!

    1. Yeah they are impressively good at clearing the roads here. Not so good at keeping the trains going though, they are so old they die in the cold! I’m glad you like the hat. 🙂

  3. A.PROMPTreply

    I hate to admit it, but my husband has one of those ear-flap hats of which you speak. We refuse to let him wear it when he’s out with us, but I do admit……I’m tempted to have it for myself on certain days!

  4. It sounds like you are still ‘learning the ropes’ when it comes to dealing with harsher climes. But slowly, bit by bit, you’ll get more Winter-savvy each year, until finally that day arrives when you step out triumphantly, ready for anything the weather can throw at you. And you get mowed down by a snowplough… 😉

  5. Love the hat! I invested in a squall coat from Lands End last year. Perfect for sleety and snowy weather. They are made well, repel water and warm. You will get more savvy, along with the rest of us as we experience the crazy weather.

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