The Worst Beach in Boston

We escaped the huge snowstorm that has affected much of the east coast but we did get 6 inches of snow overnight so my first job of the day was shovelling. 6 inches is nothing compared to what hit us last year so the chore was soon over. It was a beautiful sunny day and I ended up getting rather restless so I headed to what I believe is Boston’s worst beach (not because I like to punish myself but because it’s walkable from home).

Why is it Boston’s worst beach? It’s practically underneath I93 so instead of the gentle sound of waves lapping at the beach you get to hear angry Bostonians expressing frustration at each other the only way they know: using their car horns. In addition to this it’s on an inlet of Boston Harbor (not the sea) and situated rather unfortunately in an industrial estate. There’s something about factories that makes you think of sunbathing and recreation right? It’s not a place I would ever hang out at but as a location for a brisk afternoon walk it was fine.

Interesting snow patterns on the beach. I93 is to the left of the photo and you can see the Boston skyline in the centre.
These buildings border the beach to the right. Not the most visually appealing!
Ice floating in the sea.

I was the only person there (who else goes to a terrible beach in January)? The sand was covered in thick snow and had been blown into interesting patterns by the wind and there were large rafts of ice floating in the water. As I had hoped the snow had helped turn a terrible place into somewhere interesting, even if it is just until the snow melts again. I hope you like the rather average photographs.

Did you get up to anything interesting this weekend?







12 thoughts on “The Worst Beach in Boston

  1. The photos look great; I can see why the beach seems so desolate. I’m ~10 hours into my second 12.5 hour shift in a row. These photos look exactly how I feel right now.

  2. Aakansha

    I have never been to a beach as of until now, but now I have an idea of the kind of beach I’d never want to visit.
    Also, angry professionals who’re late for work honking their car horns is a universal way to express frustration. I hope you have a better weekend next time. Thank you for this post! 🙂

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