Rhode Island

Today my wife and I decided to visit Rhode Island, mostly because we were bored and  wanted to get out of the house. I haven’t explored much of the state which is shameful because it isn’t particularly hard to explore; there is probably a parking lot somewhere in Texas that is larger than Rhode Island. You probably already know that Rhode Island is the smallest US state but did you know that its state rock is Cumberlandite? I like finding useless facts that nobody knows (and nobody wants or needs to know) so you’re welcome.

It was a beautiful warm sunny day (when I call something warm in New England in January I mean it wasn’t brutally cold) and we headed to Colt State Park in the town of Bristol. The park is beautiful and has a lovely coastline and I would recommend a visit, especially off season when it’s free. The snow of the past few weeks had largely melted leaving the substantial amounts of dog crap on the paths the only hazard to avoid while walking.

The view across the water.


It was so warm that I managed an entirely unplanned dip in the calm and inviting looking Atlantic Ocean. “I’m going to walk in the sea, I don’t care because I’ve got my boots on” I said to my wife. Needless to say a large ship chose that moment to go past and I didn’t notice the waves it had created so I ended up with wet shoes and jeans. It would be stating the obvious to say that the Atlantic is cold in January but I like moaning so I’m just going to point out that the water was bloody cold.

Apparently I will never be too old to clamber over rocks!

We had a nice walk along the coast, took some mediocre photographs on our smartphones and then headed back to the car. Until next time Rhode Island!


12 thoughts on “Rhode Island

  1. It’s good to get out of the house. Or the state. Or maybe even the country. Looks like we will be heading to the UK this spring. So if you get bored and want to do a post on “Excellent Places Americans Will Never Find in Old England Without My Help,” I would be much obliged.

  2. I always think of the Eagles every time someone mentions Rhode Island!
    “She came from Providence,
    the one in Rhode Island
    Where the old world shadows hang
    heavy in the air”
    Thanks for the memories, Dookes.

  3. A.PROMPTreply

    Looks like a great outing, Tom. And I must say…this winter is infinitely preferable over last winter, but I can imagine that the water was still bloody cold!

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