Winter Wonderland Photo Special – Part 3

The first two installments of Winter Wonderland proved very popular so I decided to do a third but from a different place so you don’t all get bored.

At the weekend my wife and I went to a state park away from the city and I got to play in some fresh snow. When I say play I mean play; I climbed a lifeguard chair on the beach, made a snow angel and tried to skate on a frozen puddle. I included an action shot of me about to fall over. There is something about a beautifully frozen landscape that brings out my inner child! I hope you like the photos, if you missed the last installment from beautiful Boston Common you can find them here.  🙂









8 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland Photo Special – Part 3

  1. A.PROMPTreply

    Ohhh, Tom….I was going to say that first one is the best as soon as I saw it, but then scrolled down and saw more……all so excellent, but I think first and third are my favs this time!

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