Unhappy Valentine’s Day

Last years Valentine’s Day was an unmitigated disaster owing to illness and a meltdown on the MBTA meaning we were waiting for over an hour in the cold for a train so we decided to stay at home this year. What could go wrong right? Apparently everything is the answer.

Helping our decision to stay at home was the fact that it was forecast to be a brutally cold weekend in Boston; it ended up being the coldest day since 1957! We woke up to temperatures of -23C (-9F) and as low as -33C with windchill. It was so cold that even the bloody icicles had icicles. As someone who moans when it is just a few Celsius below freezing you can imagine how unhappy I was at waking up to this kind of weather. It was cold enough to freeze the balls off of a brass monkey as they say and as my body is considerably more fragile than brass I resolved to not leave the house.

I reserve the right to complain when it is this cold…

At some point around lunchtime our downstairs neighbours rang the doorbell to announce that the pipes had burst and that the basement was flooding just a little bit. Water was turned off to the house until they found our that the burst pipe was the washing machine and it could be isolated while the rest of the house had water. Unfortunately in the interim period our cold water pipes had frozen anyway so we had no cold water in the house. This discovery led to frantic shutting off of all water pipes in the house which even more unfortunately resulted in our boiler being shut off by accident. Needless to say we couldn’t restart the boiler.

We were now in a situation where we were without heat or water on the coldest day for years. Fortunately a engineer was able to come round in a few hours (it felt like days) and restart our boiler and we wandered through the cold to get some water from CVS. The water came back at midday on Monday and luckily the weather is going to get much milder in the next couple of days so hopefully our cold related troubles are over. We don’t like to do anything special for Valentine’s Day but it would have been nice if it hadn’t been so eventful!

How was your Valentine’s Day?


12 thoughts on “Unhappy Valentine’s Day

  1. My wife and I were visiting my parents in northeast PA just a few hours drive from you. We had -11F temps with -28F wind chill; we decided to leave before things got worse. Well, in truth, we were planning to leave anyway, but the forecast for the states we were traveling through didn’t look good for Monday.

    We started out, then 1/4 of the way through the trip our check engine light comes on. We check it out, added stabilizer to our fuel and coolant to the engine and prayed everything would be OK.

    1/2 of the way home we get stuck in traffic due to de-icing measures.

    3/4 of the way home I realize the directions are taking us off the beaten path and we end up taking odd back roads.

    In short – or rather, long – our 9.5 hr trip turned into 12.

  2. This Valentine’s was better than some, but I’ve had worse. One year I got a Black Valentine, even. 🙂

    Not gonna complain about our 80 degree weather yesterday, though. At least not to you!

  3. That sounds terrible! Luckily you were able to get someone around to fix it. Two winters ago many of my friends back home (I was in England at the time thankfully) lost power in their homes for a week over Christmas and it was -30.

    I had a lovely Valentines this side of the Atlantic. I much prefer the weather here that’s for sure!

    Fingers crossed next year will be better, third time’s a charm right? 🙂

    1. I’m glad you had a good Valentines! I can’t imagine losing power for a week when it is that cold, I think I’d just give up! Hopefully next year will be third time lucky for me! 🙂

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