Saturday Snapshots #2

Welcome to Saturday Snapshots #2! Its been a pretty cold and dreary week so I haven’t been out and about much but I thought I’d show you some of my favourite photos that I’ve taken of my new home, Boston.

Whenever I feel like I miss home too much I look at some of these photos and realise that Boston is a pretty nice place to live.

When the weather is nice and I want to eat outside I sit by the Charles River and enjoy the view just ten minutes from my office. Here you can see the two tallest buildings in Boston.
Boston Common auditioning for the part of Narnia in February.
When I first moved here I would sit in the courtyard of the Boston Public Library and somehow it made writing job applications less bad.
The view from the tower in the Mount Auburn Cemetery is pretty nice. The cemetery is beautiful too.
The Arnold Arboretum in autumn as the trees were starting to change.
My favourite street in Boston. Not a great photo as the lighting conditions were poor and I only had my phone camera but you can see how atmospheric it is.

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