Saturday Snapshots #3

Last night my wife and I checked the forecast for the weekend and decided to go away at the last minute so we booked a night at an inn.
It’s my birthday on Tuesday which was a good a reason as any. We chose a place in Nantucket, a small and very wealthy island off Cape Cod. We saw numerous seals and seabirds on the two hour ferry trip and the sea sparkled in the sun. It’s out of season here so it feels like we have the island to ourselves. Also we didn’t need to sell our souls to pay for the trip; in summer it’s much more expensive!

There were some stunning views from the ferry.


The island has many cobbled streets and as you can see they are pretty deserted this time of year!
You'll want to get to the beach early to beat the crowds!


I will hopefully be able to post the seal photos once we get home and I can plug my proper camera into my computer; these are all from my phone.

What are you upto this weekend?

16 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshots #3

  1. Great photos – I love the length of your captions. They’re just long enough to say what they need to without being clunky and in the way. I love the shot that faces down the cobblestone street! 🙂

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