Saturday Snapshots #4

Many years ago when I was just a child I was playing in the sea and I saw what looked like a huge jellyfish about to brush against my legs. I ran from the sea screaming “jellyfish!” at the top of my lungs. It turned out that the ‘jellyfish’ was actually just a plastic bag from a supermarket floating in the water so that was embarrassing but the fear of being stung is the same fear that I have now with the popularity of a certain candidate in the US primaries. I have this fear that if he is elected the chance of a major conflict is that much higher. With that in mind the theme of today’s post is war, in this case a war that ended over 200 years ago.

Living  in New England it is hard to avoid things relating to the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812- which as a Brit is a little bit awkward but very interesting historically. Every town around here seems to have some sort of claim to history, some more dubious than others but there are many fascinating places to visit for the history enthusiast. I hope you like this weeks collection of photos and I hope that over 200 years after the event our countries are a bit friendlier than they were then. I have done my bit towards that friendship by marrying an American. 😛

The monument in Concord MA with some beautiful autumn foliage in the background.


The Civil War fort at Castle Island in Boston is on the site of a British fort and shots were fired from here during the war.
The USS Constitution. You can tour this historic warship that fought in the war of 1812.
You can throw boxes of ‘tea’ into the water from replica ships at the site where the Boston Tea Party happened.


6 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshots #4

  1. Joan Niemi

    When you are next in Rockport, check out the cannon ball lodged in one of the support post of the Congregational Church steeple. During the War of 1812, a British warship tried to silence the bell which was being rung to warn the people that the British were in the harbor. If you check out the church on line, you can see the canonball.

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