Saturday Snapshots #5

Greetings from sunny Boston, I hope you are all having a great weekend! If you read my post earlier in the week you will know that I have been sick and I still am so I have no new amusing anecdotes or New England photos today but I do have some great photos from old England. I’m feeling pretty homesick this week so today’s Saturday Snapshots are from my old home in Devon before I moved across the Atlantic. 🙂

Baby wild Dartmoor pony in Dartmoor National Park last spring when I was back home. She was no higher than my waist!
Rolling hills and hidden beaches in spring.
Fishing boats pulled up on the beach in Beer, who needs a harbour anyway? Despite the summery look I took this last December on my last trip home.
Dartmoor National Park was 15 miles from my house and where I went to escape people.
Branscombe,there can’t be many pubs in England with a better location than this.
Exeter Cathedral, in my hometown. I miss sitting on the grass with a book on nice days.
The baby pony taking a rest- she was probably tired of me saying awwww by this point

10 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshots #5

  1. Love these photos 🙂 england is so besutiful I feel very blessed to be living here.

    Most of what I miss about home are food and people related… but there are some nice spots I miss as well mainly going up north to cottages in summer time in ontario.

    Thank goodness for airplanes 🙂

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