Saturday Snapshots #6

Welcome to the sixth installment of Saturday Snapshots! This week the theme is the sea, quite appropriate because I lived by the sea in England and I live by the sea in New England. In fact I actually feel miserable if I go too long without being close to the sea which I understand sounds pretty weird but it’s true. Hope you like the photos. Where is your favourite place by the sea?

World War 2 pillbox and soaring cliffs in Branscombe, in my home county of Devon.
Lighthouse in Provincetown, Cape Cod.
Nubble Light in Maine, New England.
Looking over Sidmouth in Devon, England
Whale 1
Whale surfacing off Cape Cod. My first ever whale head shot!
Mayan ruins by the sea in Tulum, Mexico
seaside 2
Another lighthouse because why not?


20 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshots #6

  1. I’m a committed Midlander (born in Coventry and spent the last 20 years near Nottingham) so am most at home amongst green rolling hills, but one of my favourite bits of coastline is from your original neck of the woods: Bedruthan Steps in Cornwall, between Newquay & Padstow. We saw a wonderful framed photo of it in Truro (which we bought) and then had to visit it!

    1. That is a beautiful part of Cornwall, I’d love to go back there one day. I think the thing I miss most about England is the green rolling hills, it doesn’t rain enough to be that green here!

  2. I love being by the water everywhere, I even liked sitting at a beach picnic table with cup of tea in windy Blackpool Sands, Devon. Last year, though, I was able to spend a week on the Isle of Palms, Charleston SC, and it was a totally different experience with surfers, swimmers, people walking the beach etc, though equally amazing.

    1. I think a big difference between Brits and Americans is that Brits are conditioned to go to the beach whatever the weather. Even if that involves sheltering from the wind/rain and forlornly eating our sandwiches! SC is on my to-do list (I want to visit every state eventually) so I’ll look up the Isle of Palms. πŸ™‚

  3. Nubile Lighthouse?! I’ve been there. πŸ™‚ Miss it. My husband is like you — he grew up in Hawaii and needs to be near water. I’m all about mountains and trees. I hate flat landscapes. Especially Florida.

    1. I miss it too, it’s in a wonderful location! I’m with you on not being a fan of flat landscapes, Eastern MA is pretty flat and I miss seeing hills framing every view like I had in England.

      1. Hahahaha, I just noticed that autocorrect turned Nubble into Nubile on my comment. I wonder if Nubile lighthouses dress in a risquΓ© fashion to show off their curves?

  4. I also love being near water and get to the ocean as much as I can. It’s my favourite place to be and captures my imagination. I love that in england (even though we live inland) the seaside is never far away πŸ™‚

    Lovely photos! Especially the one of devon it’s so charming and english. The one from maine reminds me of nova scotia where most of my family is from.

    1. I think it is impossible to be more than 75 miles from the sea in England which is amazing (and also a little concerning now the sea level is rising)! I am glad you are a fellow water lover, I really want to go to Nova Scotia one day. πŸ™‚

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