Saturday Snapshots #7

Welcome to Saturday Snapshots #7! The theme last week was the sea, this week the theme is castles. I have always been a fan of castles and there are plenty of them in the UK, I even proposed to my wife in one! You can see that castle here and you may recognise it from the film, Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves. I hope you like the photos! If you missed last weeks installment you can find it here.

Cardiff Castle, Wales. Built on the site of a Roman fort.
Dover, England. The structure in the centre is a Romanย pharosย or lighthouse. To the right of it is a Saxon church. If you look carefully at the church you can see they cheekily used some red Roman tiles in the construction of the church! To the left of the lighthouse you can see the medieval Dover Castle.
Another view of Dover Castle. If you ever get a chance, go! The castle is great and there are fantastic tours of the WW2 tunnels dug into the cliffs.
Hever Castle, Kent. This castle is famous for its links with Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII
If you travel to a very out of the way part of Kent, you can see how the Romans built fortifications 1600 years ago. The Saxon Shore fort at Reculver was built as a response to a threat from the mainland in the late Roman period.
Inside the Tower of London
Dunster Castle, Somerset. The castle dominates the small village
Walmer Castle, Kent
Old Wardour Castle, I proposed to my wife here in one of the towers on a freezing Sunday morning in March 2013. We had the place to ourselves.


16 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshots #7

  1. That is a great way to propose! You could be going through images of famous places (I wonder if that castle ever shows in a text book?) and point and say, “That’s where we were!”

    1. Thanks! I was planning on proposing somewhere memorable but quiet as I hate attention and this castle was so out of the way and we were the only people there that early. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. More castles! So cool. We just finished staying at Thornbury Castle, visiting Windsor Castle, and watching tourists make the Royal Guards miserable at the tower. Andy and I decided that Tower/ Windsor guard duty is some sort of punishment for the Royal Guards.

    1. If that is the Thornbury Castle I’m thinking of you must be close to some of my favourite places. You have actually out-Britished me as I have never been to Windsor Castle, even though I used to drive past it on the M4 all the time. Hope you are having a fantastic trip and not tormenting the guards. ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Some cracking castles there.
    It’s a shame that Nottingham Castle no longer exists in its original state, having been knocked down in the 17th century and a fancy stately home built instead (which itself burned down). Although the City Council are doing their best to renovate the place, it still isn’t what people expect – they’re hoping for a proper Norman castle with Maid Marion held in a tower and Robin Hood coming to her rescue.
    My nearest castle is at Newark and is mostly a ruin, but the riverside wall and gatehouse still stand. To continue the Robin Hood theme, King John died there in 1216.

    1. Yeah I’ve met American tourists who have been disappointed that Nottingham Castle isn’t medieval! I was just watching a TV programme about King John, will have to look up Newark. ๐Ÿ™‚

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