The (very) Amateur Wildlife Spotter

I’m a little bit of a naturalist at heart (luckily I proofread this post because initially I typed naturist and that is a very different thing) and one of the major delights about living in a different continent is seeing new animals in the wild for the first time.

Whether it is a raccoon or a bear, I am going to be excited about seeing it and then possibly scared. In fact I will possibly be dead because I am useless at identifying animals that might do me harm; like the time I tried to get a closeup of an impressively large snake I didn’t realise was a rattlesnake.

This weekend I was hanging out in the beautiful Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge (I don’t make a habit of hanging out in cemeteries I promise but this is a famous one) when I saw a turkey in the wild for the first time. I knew that they could be found in the wild here but I was slightly dubious of tales of turkeys in peoples back gardens. If they were to be found everywhere, why hadn’t I ever seen one? They are pretty big birds and I’m not that short sighted that I wouldn’t notice one if I came across it.

The cemetery is basically a beautiful park and you get great skyline views too!

I didn’t only see one turkey I saw loads of the awkward things. The locals were possibly amused at the Brit chasing them round trying to get a good photograph that didn’t have a gravestone in the background but I managed to get a few shots. Turkeys are strange animals up close, kind of like a pheasant fancied a bit of a change and decided to mate with an ostrich with a turkey being the result. It is entirely possible that I will never get a job presenting a wildlife programme.


I was turtilly delighted to see some reptiles!


In addition to the turkeys I also saw a group of turtles hanging out at the side of a pond. We don’t have turtles in the British Isles either so they are still a novelty to me and I paused to get some shots. They were pretty sizable and I was able to get pretty close to them without spooking them and get some decent photos. It was nice that they weren’t shy and able to come out of their shells. Sorry, I’ll get my coat.

Every story needs a hero(n)

How was your weekend?

20 thoughts on “The (very) Amateur Wildlife Spotter

  1. Awesome article, I laughed a lot 😀
    As a bird photographer, I understand your trouble very well, but getting a good, sharp photograph of a beautiful bird is a fantastic feeling, in my opinion 🙂

    1. I’m glad you liked the post! I wish I could photograph birds as nicely as you do. I just checked out your latest post and it reminded me of all the species I miss (like the Robin and Blue Tit). 🙂

      1. Thanks for your kind words. Have you seen the American robin? It’s not the same as the European one, but it’s quite cool too 😀

      2. Yes, they are more like blackbirds despite their name. In French we call them both “merle”, whereas the Robin is “rouge-gorge” (red throat) 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing! Her blog is one of my favourites. I must be honest I don’t share your dislike of parsnips they are one of my favourite vegetables haha. Swedes on the other hand…

  2. A.PROMPTreply

    Ugh, Tom…the puns……oh my. Still…..who wants to present a nature show anyway? Love your humour in this post!

  3. A Nenes Life

    Thanks for always making me laugh, I love your posts! While I read your posts, the voice in my head becomes British. Even that makes me giggle.

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