Saturday Snapshots #8

Welcome to the latest edition of Saturday Snapshots! Last week the theme was castles and all the shots were of the UK so this week the focus is on the US.You can catch up on the castles here if you missed the post. The theme this week is special places and focuses on some of my favourite places that I have been lucky enough to visit in the US so far. If you have any suggestions about places that I should visit I would love to hear them!

Monument Valley, Arizona. A very barren place but I spent the night there and I have never seen so many stars in my life. I would love to go back.
Sp 2.5.JPG
Sunrise in Monument Valley. I wish I had possessed a better camera back then (2012).
The White Mountains of New Hampshire, my favourite place in New England.
Echo Lake in the White Mountains.
The Grand Canyon. Again I would love to go back with a better camera!
Betatakin settlement carved into a canyon in Arizona with the buildings still surviving. One of the coolest archaeological sites I have ever seen.
Me discovering an ancient vehicle on Route 66. There were snakes.
Big Bend National Park, Texas. Huge and sparsely populated.
The White House, Washington DC. I was hugely impressed by the museums and architecture in DC although the city felt a little unsafe at night!
Nantucket from the ferry. I went last month and fell in love with the place.

What are your favourite places in the USA?

21 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshots #8

  1. Nantucket and the one of the lake and mountains are stunning. I’m envious of anyone who has been to the Grand Canyon or Arizona (or any desert area) though. I’ve driven through Death Valley but at night – and I think I slept most of the way! My favourite US place so far has to be San Diego – such an intimate, laid-back feel to the place.

      1. If you liked the Air & Space museum in DC, then you have to come to Ohio. The US Air Force Museum in Dayton (hometown of the Wright brothers) tops the museum in DC and is definitely worth the trip. Hubby drags . And no trip to Ohio is complete without also visiting Amish country and eating yourself silly. 🙂

      2. That sounds awesome, I would definitely love to go! Ohio is a state I have not been anywhere near yet and I would love to be able to explore. Thanks for the recommendation! 🙂

  2. The San Juan islands near Seattle. I came up close and personal with the orcas. Because it’s on the water you can see the stars, and if you stir up the water (at night) the bioluminescence is as bright as the stars.

      1. I kayaked, also! I expected it to be a bigger attraction, but my guide didn’t seem concerned. I checked it out on my own one night, it was totally worth it.

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