A Monumental Trip

At the weekend I had some spare time on my hands so I decided to visit something that I had wanted to check out in the Boston area for a while; the Bunker Hill Monument. This was more due to my desire to climb tall things than it was to learn more about the history behind the monument to be honest. Despite the fact that it was a sunny Saturday it was relatively quiet although the member of staff issuing tickets decided to make sure I had some company by giving a large group of children tickets for the same time as me. I wanted the place to myself damn it!

A bit of a climb…

It took me two train lines and the loss of any previous feeling of cleanliness that I possessed (the Orange Line will do that to you) to get to Bunker Hill. Once I arrived at the Community College station it was a brisk ten minute walk to get to the park where the monument is located. I went into the museum first to get a free ticket and then wandered up to the monument to begin my climb. If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I often don’t act my age but my legs started acting their age once I had got about halfway up the 294 steps.

Nice view of the Boston skyline from the top.

The monument was built in 1843 and as such was not designed to cope with idiots taking photos out of the narrow windows halfway up as they climbed but at least the frequent stopping allowed me to pretend that I wasn’t getting out of breath. Once I got to the top and the 7000 people who had climbed at the same time as me dispersed I was able to look out of the windows and take some photos of Boston from my elevated position. The windows were narrow and covered with scratched plastic so the photos weren’t ideal but it was definitely worth the climb for the view.

View of Boston Harbour from the other side.

I didn’t know when I climbed but I was climbing just before Patriots’ Day, a holiday in several states and as the monument commemorates a Revolutionary War battle it was a pretty appropriate time to visit. Of course all my coworkers told me about it, people love telling the Brits about the war in the same way that Waterloo always creeps into the conversation when Brits meet French people. Did you know that the holiday is officially called Patriots’ Day in Massachusetts and Patriot’s Day in Maine? How did that even happen? On that bombshell it’s time to go and get another cup of tea. 🙂

6 thoughts on “A Monumental Trip

  1. Yeah, it’s like being the American at the Tower in London. Every single warden has to make sure they refer to you as a “Colonist” at least once. I think it’s written in their employmet contract.

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