That Friday Feeling…

Happy Friday everyone! It’s the end of the week and as today was a beautiful day I went and sat by the Charles River in the sunshine after work and forgot about the world for a bit. Cyclists, joggers and the occasional confused looking tourist passed my bench but I just sat and reflected on a pretty good week. I had some very good news at work and I managed to last a whole week without being ill and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

My favourite place to sit and watch the world go by.


I think that sometimes in the rush to get to work and get home I forget about how important it is to have some time outside without any distractions. Now I’m relaxed and ready for the weekend. Have you got anything planned for this one?


7 thoughts on “That Friday Feeling…

  1. Just done a spot of garden tidying, looks better πŸ™‚ May go and see my friend’s son’s band play in local pub tonight. The band are clever, they play covers of classics we all know and love, everyone dances and has a good time!

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