Saturday Snapshots #9

Hello and welcome to Saturday Snapshots! Today the weather is beautiful and I have been wandering around in a t-shirt and I am very much feeling the joys of spring so today’s theme is spring. Spring starts a lot later here in New England than in my previous home in the UK but now it’s here I’m enjoying it. I hope that you like the photos and that you are also enjoying the beauty of spring!

Someone (and I don’t know who) dresses up the Make Way for Ducklings statues in Boston to match the seasons. Here they are in spring attire.
View of the Boston skyline from Mount Auburn on a lovely spring day.
Spring is the season of new birth. Here a baby Dartmoor pony hangs out by its mother in Dartmoor National Park, England. I spent about 30 minutes just watching the ponies because they are adorable.
Buckingham Palace, London with spring foliage. I took this on the day I had to have my medical to get my US visa two years ago tomorrow!
seaside 2
A lighthouse on Cape Cod on one of those beautifully vivid early spring days.
Another lighthouse on another beautifully blue spring day. I took this last week in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

15 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshots #9

  1. Compared to a lot of the U.K. at the moment, you’re waaaay ahead of us with the Spring weather! We’ve had sunshine, hail, thunder, SNOW, rain and gale force winds all within a few hours. Don’t you miss it?! Haha!

      1. I hope so too – I’m fed up of packing my winter coat away and then getting it out again! Although, they do say ‘don’t cast a cloud ’til May is out’!

  2. I had to scrape ice off my windscreen one morning this week! Temperatures haven’t really got above 10 deg C (50 F) much at all so far this year in England. Although Winter was relatively mild, Spring hasn’t really kicked off enough for me to wear just a t-shirt (I’m not a Geordie!)

  3. Jerrod

    You’re pictures are so stunning and breath-taking! I love the pictures of the lighthouses! They’re so beautiful! You’re an amazing photographer.

  4. Love the ducks! I’m with Haylee, a couple of weeks ago the sun was burning my legs through my jeans but this last week it’s been icy gales, heavy rain, sleet, snow and thunder on repeat. Lost count how many times I’ve put my woolly jumpers away. Still burning the woodstove too.

  5. I totally thought that ducklings in Easter bonnets snapshot was from England :p I don’t ever remember Easter bonnets being a thing in Canada but as I’m now working in a school in the UK it is definitely popular here!

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