Hayfever is The Worst and Other Notes

Blogging is weird. Sometimes when I haven’t so much as thought about my blog for a week, let alone posted anything, I get more views than if I have written several carefully crafted posts. Maybe there’s a lesson in there somewhere, like stop posting so bloody much! This, however, is not the reason that I haven’t been posting, it’s more the fact that I have been distracted a lot lately. Yesterday I was in Starbucks and I was asked my name when I ordered my coffee and I genuinely couldn’t remember it, my mind went totally blank. So it’s probably a good thing that I haven’t been sharing my thoughts with the world.

I have a lot going on at the moment; my parents are arriving tomorrow to stay with us for two weeks (nothing makes you feel grown up more than hosting your own parents) and also on Monday I have my biometrics appointment for my next green card. The biometrics appointment is where they take my fingerprints and photograph my face so that a year down the line (there are huge delays as always) they can issue me with the new green card that I have already paid for. Good luck with the photograph by the way guys, my hay fever has been awful and my eyes are going to be so red my photo will probably look like a nineties Polaroid shot.

Is it just me or is the pollen really bad this year? I’ve been sneezing and blowing my nose every five minutes it seems but no matter how many tablets I take I still keep sneezing. I sneezed 43 times on the train the other day (yes I’m sad enough to count) but the silver lining was that everyone gave me a wide berth so I had personal space which on my commute is so rare the only thing rarer is a train arriving on time. If you know any good ways to stop hay fever that don’t involve living in the desert or the Arctic or in the middle of the ocean then I would love to hear from you!

In other news I went to a town with the same name as my hometown yesterday and it was really weird. Being somewhere that has a familiar name everywhere but is really different to your hometown is a strange experience. I resisted the urge to get a photo taken by a town sign (mainly because I couldn’t find any signs) but there was a weird feeling of déjà vu every time I walked past a business with the towns name on it. It was much smaller and very different to my hometown but I half expected to bump into a friend or acquaintance every time I turned a corner.

The town that isn’t my hometown but shares the same name
My actual hometown

Time to go and clean the house so my parents think that our house always looks this clean (they won’t be fooled).Have a good weekend everyone, and if you have some hay fever busting tips please feel free to let me know! *bless me*

15 thoughts on “Hayfever is The Worst and Other Notes

  1. A trip to Southern California will fix that hay fever in a hurry. Being the desert and all.

    I think the pollen might be worse because you had a mild winter and a wet spring.

    Meanwhile, it’s fun for Americans to go to England and be all, “Hey, there was an original Hampshire? An original York? A Plymouth before our Plymouth? WTF?”

    You may have noticed that many Americans think History began with the Revolutionary War.

    1. I remember in spring in Arizona I didn’t sneeze once, I miss that feeling! The towns having the same name thing is so weird, but don’t talk about Plymouth as they are my hometown’s rivals. 😛

  2. When I visited Massachussetts for the first time, it felt weird passing road signs with town/city names I’m familiar with from the UK. It still felt weird the second time round.
    As for hayfever – I think it’s bad everywhere this year, very likely because like autumnashbough mentioned because of the mild winter; stuff seemed to be starting to bloom in January over here. My hayfever is horrible this year as well, even inside. I have tissue boxes in every room and in my car, and I feel like I’m producing 80 % of the world’s rubbish with all the tissues…

    1. Yeah it’s so strange driving past and seeing the same names but on different signs. The counties have the same names too a lot. I’m with you on using all the tissues, I think I’m getting rid of a box a week! 😦

  3. I live in North Carolina, and the pollen here was, indeed, worse than usual. I just got through my bout with allergies – best of luck to you!

  4. It’s always bad in the Willamette valley, I take zyrtec (actually generic from Costco) and sometimes also a nasel antihistamine and sometimes allergy eye drops. Got to get on top of it!!
    There’s a Salem in 26 out of 50 US states, so I could potentially experience a lot of deju vu:)

    1. That is a lot of Salems! I might visit the MA one this week as my parents are here and they want to do the whole tourist thing. I think I need to try some nasal antihistamine!

  5. Indeed the weather people have been warning us the pollen is higher this year – I think we could all have told them that! Juices with lots of ginger in them can help reduce the symptoms as it’s anti-inflammatory. There are some on the Juice Recipes page of my blog if you have a juicer. Cutting out dairy might help as it produces mucous. I haven’t had a cold or sinusitis for over 2 years since cutting out dairy and beginning to juice. I hadn’t had cow’s milk for many years but still ate cheese, it made a real difference when I stopped. Good luck!

    1. Thank you! I will give the ginger shots a try as I have plenty of ginger in the house and I like the taste of it! I tried cutting out dairy before and I hated it as I love cheese too much haha.

      1. Yes, the cheese is hardest to give up and I did slide a few times, especially at Christmas and so on, but now I’m used to it and it really has made a difference. Good luck!

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