Saturday Snapshots #10

Welcome to the latest edition of Saturday Snapshots!
I haven’t done one for a while as I haven’t been out and about much but this week my parents are visiting and we are doing all the touristy stuff. I hope you like the photos of Massachusetts!

Nobska Light, Cape Cod.
A beautiful day in Falmouth, Cape Cod
The Knob, Cape Cod. Yes the name made me laugh!


The Witch House in Salem, built at some point between 1620-42. The house is linked to the famous Salem Witch Trials.
Interior of The Witch House.
The Friendship of Salem, a replica sailing vessel. The sails and rigging are currently being renovated.
The memorial to the victims of the Salem Witch Trials
Historic cemetery in Salem.

I hope you liked the photos, more to come as I’m en route to the White Mountains! What are you up to this weekend?

11 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshots #10

  1. Is the sky always that blue?! Love seeing the historic places you visit, I travel vicariously! Pouring down here (UK) as per usual so glued to the cycling Giro d’Italia during the day, with all its stunning scenery in the Dolomites, and the Tour of California when I can’t sleep cos the rain is thundering down! Told you I travel vicariously! Enjoy your weekend ☺️☔️

  2. NICE! But the White Mountains are the best. Can’t wait. And if you go through Moultonborough, get a cider doughnut from Moultonborough Farms. They are the best.

    Or maple fudge from Mill Fudge in Bristol, NH. 🙂

    1. I love the White Mountains too, it’s my favourite place in New England! Thanks so much for the food tips, I have a huge weakness for cider doughnuts so I hope I go past Moltonborough!

  3. Great snaps! Does the Witch House (or any houses in the neighbourhood) have a witch window? I didn’t know about them until one of my US readers told me – they’re slanted, you know so witches can’t fly in on their broomsticks!

    1. Oh that would be such a cool thing to see, but I didn’t notice any! I just googled witch windows having never heard of them before. The Witch House definitely looks like the place a witch would hang out in though! 🙂

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