The White Mountains

I spent the weekend in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with my family.
Despite the fact that it’s only a week before Memorial Day it was pretty quiet and the weather was mostly good as well. Here are some of my favourite photos from my phone, when I get home I’ll hopefully have better ones on my camera.

Watching a rain shower come our way from 4000 ft up
Traditional covered bridge at Flume Gorge
View from the top of Cannon Mountain
View from Cathedral Ledge
Flume Gorge

I hope you liked the photos, if the ones I have on my camera are any good I’ll share them too. 🙂

19 thoughts on “The White Mountains

  1. Ditto autumnashbough – and the gorge looks so dramatic, the detail is stunning, the rock so solid, the whole photo shouts ‘power’ and ‘drama’, I can hear the water, and light is perfect, beautiful, thank you.

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