Saturday Snapshots #11

Welcome to Saturday Snapshots #11! Today I’m in the mood for a coastal topic so the theme is lighthouses. There are lighthouses all along the coast, ranging from small beacons to massive towers. If you weren’t a fan of them before, I hope you will have seen the light by the end of this post! I’d love to know which one was your favourite. 🙂

Lighthouse on the very tip of Cape Cod, near Provincetown.
Lighthouse on Nantucket.
A different view of the Nantucket lighthouse.
Lighthouses are at the mercy of the elements. Here is the one at Portland, Maine being repaired last week when I visited.
seaside 2
Lighthouse on Cape Cod.
Lighthouse in York, Maine. This one is on its own little island.
Unusual cast iron lighthouse in Marblehead, MA
Nobska Light in Falmouth, MA
Lighthouses are an ancient invention, here is a Roman one in Dover, England.


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