It’s our third wedding anniversary today and yesterday someone asked what anniversary it was and I replied that it was the third. “I know that you idiot, which gift is it?” was the response. I am not ashamed to admit that I didn’t know the answer to this but being a curious kind of chap I looked it up and I found that it was leather. I have to be honest it’s not the best year is it? Here have something that died, smells and is often used to make belts to commemorate your third wedding anniversary. It doesn’t give me that whole warm married glow that’s to be sure although I have my wife to do that (bonus points when she reads this).

So leather isn’t very interesting but I did find out something slightly more interesting for the purpose of this blog while I was looking that up. Thinking about it now it is probably slightly inevitable but the UK and USA have different gifts for different years. Diligent research (okay it was on Wikipedia) has indicated that the differences between our two great cultures extends to cotton and paper being a different way round (exciting I know) and a number of other small differences. If you can’t contain your excitement at this knowledge I have included a table at the bottom with the all important information in.

I discovered that the eighth anniversary in the UK is a salt anniversary. Now I like salt as much as the next person but isn’t that a little bit rubbish? Better make sure you have fish and chips for your anniversary dinner so you can use your rare commodity. Although the sixth anniversary gift in the UK is sugar and i’ll have that in the form of chocolate thank you very much. The sixth anniversary gift in the US is iron and you can’t eat nails so I think our anniversary is definitely going to be British that year.

Anyway I have already bored myself of this topic and my final observation is that clearly the whole wedding anniversary gift thing is rather quaint and archaic. The important thing to me is that my wife has put up with me for three years and long may she continue to do so (I hope). Our marriage is clearly the most important thing for Transatlantic relations since 1812 so you had better all hope that it continues in the name of peace. 😛

The table that may or may not be reliable and you can blame Wikipedia if it isn’t. 

Anniversary UK USA
1st Cotton Paper
2nd Paper Cotton
3rd Leather Leather
4th Fruit and flowers Linen, silk
5th Wood Wood
6th Sugar Iron
7th Wool Wool, copper
8th Salt Bronze
9th Copper Pottery
10th Tin Tin, Aluminium

21 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. A Nenes Life

    Did you find some gift to give to your lovely bride for putting up with you for 3 years?
    I kinda feel like anniversary gifts are consolation prizes for my husband, kinda like a “Thanks for putting up with my shenanigans for another year!” So glad you stuck around kinda thing, all in good fun though!

  2. ours will be cotton or paper… kind of boring don’t you think? what is a married couple to do with that? salt probably had something to do with folk-lore and it being a good luck charm.

      1. Origami is exactly what crossed my mind. Bailey and I will be celebrating a year of legally being married. Sometimes she likes cliché and sometimes she hates tradition, so I don’t know if she would appreciate a paper crane. I could be less artistic and get her a card or photograph… Or if I can make time, craft a little journal of our time together. Thanks for the inspiration! (and reminder)

      2. A journal sounds like a wonderful way to commemorate and has the benefit of being paper as well! I don’t think anyone could argue with some nice origami though. 🙂

  3. Happy anniversary to you both! I actually love the smell of leather and did stand inhaling in the doorway of a shop we passed the other day (but then I also love sniffing creosote and the general mustiness of garden centres…)
    Can’t imagine what the problem would be if your wife came home with a nice pair of leather chaps for you… 😉

  4. Aakansha

    Wow. I had no idea that there were certain specific presents to commemorate certain levels of anniversaries. That’s one interesting piece of information. Happy Anniversary Tom! 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yeah there are but they are pretty archaic. Some group in America came up with modern alternatives like a digital clock but that doesn’t really inspire anyone either!

  5. Happy anniversary and may you have many more! This year hubby and I will celebrate our 18th and the gift for that is porcelain. (Yes, your post prompted me to look it up.) I’ve been wanting to remodel our bathroom for some time now…maybe I should ask for that for our porcelain anniversary! 🙂

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