A Confession…

I have a confession to make, something that I should possibly be a little ashamed of but I’ll let you be the judge of that.ย  I have become addicted to Pokemon Go! It perhaps wouldn’t surprise those of you that know that I am awkward and nerdy but it definitely came as a surprise to me. Some coworkers were talking about it at work and I thought the premise was pretty cool so I downloaded it out of curiosity and now I’m hooked. I’m an adult so I’m not entirely sure if I’m the target market but it’s fun!

The game is definitely not a load of bull…

How do you play Pokemon Go? You walk around looking for Pokemon and visiting Poke Stops to get items to level up. The game uses real maps so you will be wondering along your street and up will pop a Drowzee (in my area it’s always a bloody Drowzee) and you catch it in exchange for experience points and you can then train it in a gym. You can use augmented reality so your camera will ensure the Pokemon appear around you as you walk which is cool. I walked 10 kilometres today looking for Pokemon so it’s definitely worth it for the exercise alone.

There are some drawbacks to Pokemon Go of course. The app uses GPS, internet and the screen is always on so the battery lasts about 30 minutes when you are playing. In addition to this every person in the US seems to be playing so the servers frequently go down. You need to be glued to your screen and several players have reported walking into manholes or tripping over because they have been focused on catching that Squirtle (yes there is a Pokemon called that). One poor girl even found a dead body when she was trying to find Pokemon by a river.

Anyway if you don’t hear from me for a while it’s because I’m wandering the streets of Boston looking for Pokemon or because I fell off a cliff while trying to catch a rare one. Are you hooked on Pokemon yet or are you silently (or not so silently judging me)?

10 thoughts on “A Confession…

  1. It’s all kinds of amazing!! We only seem to get pidgeys and rattatas – don’t know what that says about the neighbourhood! I have two weeks of hunting before the kids break off school when I’ll have absolutely no chance of ruling a gym!!

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