A Slip into the Sea

Today  was another very hot day so we decided to go somewhere by the sea where there would be a breeze but we wanted to avoid all the popular beach destinations which would’ve been full of people. People are the worst. Using Google Maps as a tour guide we settled on a park by the sea in Salem which had a lighthouse, a small fort and a little beach. As any regular reader of my blog will know I love lighthouses, historical places and the sea so it seemed like a pretty good choice.

It turned out it was a good choice, we sat by the lighthouse and watched boats go by and worked on our tans. Eventually we got hot so we decided to go for a paddle in the sea. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to swim or not but then I slipped on a rock and fell into the sea on my arse so the decision was made for me! I didn’t injure myself and the water was very refreshing so I can’t complain really! Of all the places to visit in Salem I can recommend it, mainly as it isn’t a witch museum or full of tourists looking for witch museums. I hope you like the photos. 🙂

Destination: Winter Island, Salem, MA.
Cost: $15 parking, your dignity if you fall into the sea.
Things to Do: Fall in the sea, take nice photos, read.






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