A Place of Warship

Today was pretty grey and cool which was a lifesaver after yesterdays temperatures which felt like 45C (115F) with the humidity. We went to Scituate (I have a habit of visiting towns I can’t pronounce at weekends) and on the way home stopped off at the USS Salem for a visit. The Salem was built in the 1940’s but too late for the war and as a result didn’t see combat and can now be visited in Quincy, MA. The heavy cruiser is still undergoing restoration and is not in prime condition but for a $10 admission fee to wander around a huge warship it was well worth it! I hope you enjoy the photos, I only had my phone camera but hopefully they show some of the detail.

USS Salem
8 inch main guns


View from the bridge


3 thoughts on “A Place of Warship

  1. Joan Niemi

    If you have not already been, you might enjoy spending a day at Battleship Cove in Fall River. There are several WWII war ships from the Big Mamie (US Massachusetts) to a PT boat to explore. As for me, I might head to Quincy once it gets a little cooler.

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