The Matter of a Small Election

Like many people I’ve been watching US politics over the past year with a kind of horrified fascination, shocked but unable to look away. The good  news is that as a permanent resident I’m not allowed to vote so can’t be blamed for whatever happens but the bad news is that I have to live with the consequences. As a British citizen the Brexit mess is bad enough so I don’t want something even worse this November. Here in MA people have been vandalising and stealing signs of candidates they don’t like and it’s all getting rather heated.

I was in a store looking for a new water bottle and came across a Donald Trump colouring book that has the Republican candidate in a variety of ridiculous poses that you can colour in yourself. For only $5 it seems like the ultimate Secret Santa (Yankee Swap) gift for a person that you don’t like but I proudly resisted the temptation and bought some chocolate instead (I am British after all). As terrible print ideas go this has to be up there with the worst.


This did, however, remind me that however ridiculous politics gets, it’s important to still be able to laugh at it or we will all be reduced to an angry, fearful bunch. It needs to be taken seriously because the outcome in November could have negative consequences for a lot of people but we can’t be angry and confrontational all the time because that is not good for anyone mentally. This brings me to my favourite moment of the week… someone has been erecting naked statues of Trump in city parks in the US and NYC Parks Department had a wonderful tongue in cheek reply that made my day.


Have you seen the lighter side of any moments in the elections recently?

P.S. sorry for the terrible pun in the title

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